Still fishing well after 3 storms in a week. Tony P pictured caught his first trout on the fly on Wednesday. He kindly let me post his story from his day…

Thanks again for the other day absolutely loved it 5 on the fly first proper go 🎣👍👍👍all the lads where sound with advice on casting ,techniques and even gave me some flies an bite indicators to try different styles👍only downer was in a rush to catch the Reds i left my rod on the roof of my car an drove off 😫😫😫😭😭😭it shattered in my rear mirror 😫but the Reds won an ive already replaced the rod an bought another set up aswell so will see ya soon 🎣🎣🎣👍

16th – 17th February

Michael G – 2 Rainbows – Montana
Tom S – 2 Rainbows – Buzzer/ Cats
Tony F – 14 Rainbows – Cats
Mike L – 6 Rainbows – Cats /Viva/Bloodworm
Sean H – 4 Rainbows/ Blobs
Michael C – 2 Rainbows – Orange and Black Tadpole

18 – 21st February
No anglers – too stormy

Tues 22nd February
Robbie C – 11 Rainbows – Montana, Black and Green

Wednesday 23rd
Pat M – 7 Rainbows – Apps
Tony P – Apps Bloodworm
Brandon S – Cats,Black/Red Buzzer
Paul G – 5 Rainbows – Egg/ cats
John T – 3 Rainbows

Thursday 24th
Paul P – 6 Rainbows – Cats, Montana, Olive

Friday 25th
Dougie S – 4 Rainbows – Foam Beetle, Montana
Alan H – 2 Rainbows – Buzzer

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